is dedicated to showing people how to stop sleep paralysis experiences, as well as prevent them from coming back. Despite what traditional medicine says, this common but terrifying affliction is easily curable. We hope to provide all the information you will need to do this on this site, but if you have more questions about how to stop sleep paralysis, or need individual help, you can email us.


Podcast – Can Christians Get Sleep Paralysis?

Download the Mp3 here This is a question that is often asked, so I decided to spend an entire episode addressing the question. If you have any further questions about this or any other issue contact us.

A Discussion About Sleep Paralysis – SSP Podcast

Download mp3 here I was interviewed recently on a radio program about sleep paralysis. We got to get into many details such as the medical views regarding sleep paralysis as well as incubus succubus attacks and well as the connections between demonic dreams and SP.

How to Stop Sleep Paralysis

How to Stop Sleep Paralysis